Original Alpaca Felting Kit


Create your alpaca masterpiece! Needle felt a custom design with our simple-to-use felting kit. Don’t forget to share your creations online! #theopulentalpaca


  • 1 felting board
  • 2 felting needles
  • 4 dyed wool rovings
  • 2 felted alpacas



Step 1

Plan your design! Arrange dyed fiber on the felted alpacas in your desired pattern or design.

Step 2

Place the felting-needle mat underneath. This will allow you to add fiber without damaging the surface below.

Step 3

Use a single felting needle to punch down the fiber. The felting needle will safely transfer the fiber to the felted alpaca without the use of an adhesive.

Step 4

Continue punching until the fibers transfer securely onto your alpaca and you’ve completed your design!

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