Quality Alpaca is known for its high-quality hair and it has a sustainable image on the world market. Alpaca comes in 22 different colours. Once called the poor man’s cashmere, alpaca is now considered a luxurious material.

It is known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft. It is also very durable, comfortable and adaptable to every season. The absence of lanolin makes alpaca hypoallergenic.

Alpaca wool fibres are fine, lightweight and silky. Yet this luxury fibre has great strength and durability. Alpaca fibre lasts longer than most other luxury fibres, including wools, cashmere, and silk. With proper care, high quality alpaca apparel can be passed down through generations.


The alpacas are shorn without harm. The farm brings in a skilled and efficient shearer each Spring and ensures that the herd are unharmed throughout the process. In fact, once sheared, the animals are quite proud of their new look!

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