Alpaca/Wool Dryer Balls


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How They Work

Dryer Balls are effective in softening and enhancing the drying of your cloths. This process cuts down on the time it takes to dry a load, as well as reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

The age old problem we face when using a drying machine is the build up of static electricity. Static builds up when clothes are over-dried. Often, this occurs when a load is made up entirely of synthetic fabrics. We use commercial chemical softeners to combat the issue, but even they cannot reduce all of the static trapped within the synthetics fibres.

Alpaca/Wool Dryer balls are made of all natural wool fibres, with a minimum of 50g of fibre used to create each individual ball. They are designed to be used three a time to achieve optimum efficiency for the average load.

How to Use:

  • For an average load, it is most effective to use three dryer balls. However,twoare sufficient for smaller loads.
  • The Alpaca/Wool Dryer Balls work best with natural fabrics. However, when drying synthetics, it is best to set your dryer to the appropriate cycle “Dry” not “Extra Dry”.
  • If you don’t have a modern dryer, try taking the clothes out a few minutes earlier. As soon as they are dry to touch.
  • During cold weather there is always more static electricity, so try mixing your synthetics with natural fabrics and take them out a few minutes before the load is completely dry.
  • If your Alpaca/Wool Dyer Balls have become ineffective, it could be because they have dried out too much. In this case you can renew them by spraying them with a mixture of (1/2 water and ½ white vinegar) in a spray bottle. This is a natural fabric softener and static reduce, which aides in reducing the use of harsh chemicals.

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